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Portland's original gluten free & vegan bakery.

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"Ever since our kids were diagnosed with dairy, egg and gluten allergies as toddlers, we’ve been on a quest to find vegan and gluten free treats that taste just as good as the ones we grew up eating. We have traveled coast to coast and across the globe with our kids in tow, and finding a gluten free and vegan bakery is always at the top of our priority list. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these experiences left us disappointed with both the texture and taste of the treats. You can imagine our delight when we stumbled into Petunia’s Pies and Pastries in 2014! We’ve sampled everything, and I mean everything, Petunia’s has to offer, and we love it all! From cakes to doughnuts to cookies, Petunia’s has perfected the gluten free and vegan treat. We take an annual summer trip to Portland from our Los Angeles home base, and our first stop is always Petunia’s. Petunia’s is our last stop too, as we make it a practice to fly home with Petunia’s cake slices and cookies on our laps! Petunia’s is like nothing we have ever experienced, and is worth the 962 miles we travel to get it!"

"The best bakery and the most incredible staff. There truly is no place like Petunia’s! It is our absolute favorite! My son and I have been longtime loyal customers and we LOVE the delicious scones, biscuits, babycakes, and the Salted Carmel Cookie Bar (just to name a few)!!! Our birthday celebrations, holidays and even our out-of-town vacations always include Petunia’s (we load up our suitcases!) They consistently go above and beyond, know us by name, and are amazing to my son with ASD! So amazing! Very grateful to them!"

"Since Petunia’s opened in 2010, it’s been my go to spot for incredible food that is safe for my food allergies. Going to the bakery downtown is a wonderful experience. The Salted Caramel Cookie Bar has always been my favorite item but I can’t resist the cakes! I grew up watching baking shows but my celiac diagnosis took the fun out of baking. Fortunately, Petunia’s has me covered with delightful and delicious food. I love telling people about Petunia’s. I love it so much and want everyone to enjoy it as well."